Mammoth Mountain

Unbound Events


- Print Design
- Advertising Design
- Concept Development
- Brand Messaging

Mammoth Mountain is home to many events throughout the season, and this year it was our job to make sure all the advertising for these events matched the new brand feel we crafted. From Concerts to Parties, we made sure you knew it was at Mammoth instantly. With every new event, we took the opportunity to advance, tweak and finesse our original visual style. By advancing our usage of photos, our treatment of type and our texture/color palette, we were able to keep the material looking fresh, while being firmly rooted in the visual refresh we've given to Mammoths YAS Segment.

WCI Branding & Marketing 2011
YAS Print Campaign 2010
MTB Park Print Campaign 2011
Park Signage & Branding
WCI Branding & Marketing 2010