Mammoth Mountain

Hot Laps Video Campaign


- Print Design
- Advertising Design
- Concept Development
- Brand Messaging
- Photography

Hot Laps was Mammoth's first full length film. Humble Giants was hired to conceive the style and story for the film, including work on the motion graphics, dvd menus and authorizing and the subsequent marketing campaign. Named "Hot Laps" under the premise that there are so many options of great riding in parks and on natural terrain within the resort, it would be impossible to stop lapping the chairs. We followed this up from a point-of-view of someone doing surveillance on the mountain, pro team, and the happenings around the resort. Each ad reflected a different point-of-view within the control center, and culminated in a motion graphics intro to the film, giving the viewer a direct view through the surveillance tvs into the world of Mammoth.

WCI Branding & Marketing 2011
YAS Print Campaign 2010
MTB Park Print Campaign 2011
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