Mammoth Mountain

Park Branding & Signage


- Print Design
- Brand Messaging
- Logo & Identity Design
- Multi-Page Design
- Signage
- Outdoor/Spacial Design

Mammoth not only hosts innovative terrain features, but also innovative park programs. This year they hired us to design branding and marketing materials for their air-bag training facility, dubbed "Stomping Grounds," giving a chance for riders to perfect trick execution before taking things on snow. We also designed the branding for their Art Park program, which introduced a ground breaking collaboration between art and featured jibs, resulting in new application of terrain park environmental design. Throughout the years we have also designed and produced many other small branding endeavors that the mountain takes on.

WCI Branding & Marketing 2011
YAS Print Campaign 2010
MTB Park Print Campaign 2011
Park Signage & Branding
WCI Branding & Marketing 2010